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Month and phenological stage Calendar of operations
Baishakh (April-May)
Phenological stage:
Fruits are in cell division stage with pea size. The first natural fruit drop starts in this sage. Second flush may start from the end of this month.
Calendar of operations
i. The period is dry but the demands of plants for water are high, so irrigate trees at 15 days intervals if possible.
ii. Monitor new growth and young fruitlets for the presence of powdery mildew and if it is severe spray roger or other systemic insecticides @ 2-3ml/liter of water.
iii. Spray micronutrients as follows from the fourth week of this month:

iv. Remove waterspouts or suckers arising from the rootstocks.
v. Give one spray of 1 percent Bordeaux mixture and apply Bordeaux paste after scrapping the infested areas if the trees are infested with Phytophthors root rot.
vi. In acidic soil with pH 4.5-5.0, apply 100 g of lime per plant once in 3 years.
vii. Start land preparation and laying out of orchard for new plantation.
viii. Remove plastic from the graft-union of the nursery plants.
Jestha (May-June)
Ashadh (June-July)
Srawan (July-August)
Bhadra (Aug.-Sept.)
Aswin (Sep.-October)
Kartik (October-November)
Mangsir (Nov.-Dec.)
Magh (January-February)
Phalgun (February-March)
Chaitra (March-April)

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