About JCC


The aim of the organization is to commercialize Junar (citrus species) farming and to expand its market and network by uniting Junar farmers as a cooperative organization in Nepal.


i. To increase socio-economic standards of rural farmers helping through technical and financial assistant for Junar (Citrus) farming, processing and marketing through cooperatives models.
ii. In this regards, the organization has targeted to outreach throughout the country, Now It has been working in Sindhuli and Ramechpa districts and covers 50 VDCs of the districts: 49 primary cooperative of Junar from Ramechap and Sindhuli district (7500 farmers’ household directly involving) and extended 42 district of Nepal.


i. Develop socio-economic standards of Junar farmers.
ii. Develop and extend market network of Junar products.
iii. Share technical/administrative knowledge and experiences of Junar with farmers.
iv. Develop group working culture through cooperatives among the farmers.
v. Create such a situation and to be sustained them for livelihood (food, health, education and residence) through Junar farming.
vi. Develop farming, Processing and marketing network through cooperative.

News & Events

Date: 2014-05-23
Honouring unsung heroes

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Date: 2014-05-23
Citrus fruits of Sindhuli and Sangja to be exported to Tibet

Kathmandu, Sept. 22: The government is to export oranges of Syangja district and junar, a kind of citrus fruit produced in Sindhuli district of Nepal to Tibet of Chi...Read more->

Date: 2015-07-06
Massive Earth quake Damage House Hold and Cooperative Infrastructure report Sindhuli (Junar Coopera

Earth quake Damage House Hold report Sindhuli (Junar Cooperative Member) Ratanchura – 208 HH Baseshwor - 398HH Tinkanya – 305HH Majhuwa ...Read more->

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